Become a partner makes it easy to buy short-term passes for gyms and yoga studios. Our customers are business travellers, tourists and all kind of people who can't commit to a long-term membership.

Our network will attract new target groups and of course this means increased revenue for you. We will give you a stressless experience, this means we take care of all the paperwork and customer requests.

In our presentation, you will find more details about Fitfox :

Your advantages

Free of charge & easy

Joining the Fitfox-Network is completely free of charge and only takes 10 sec. We take care of all accumulating paperwork such as the administration of the Fitfox-passes.

A true partnership

Increase your revenue by presenting your offer to our great customer scope. Our success reflects yours.

Potential members

We both know you have a lovely gym and Fitfox-User will realize that too. They might want to become regular members. You are welcome!

Boost traffic

Even the most popular gyms have idle times. Use these periods to attract new customers.

Become a Partner!